​The Journey Of Personal Growth

​Life is meant to be lived forward. 

It's not about where we've been, it's not about where we want to be sometime in the distant future.

It's about now. This moment. This day. And what we decide to do ​now to move forward.

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May 13, 2020

Personal growth insights — building a new daily routine for a better, more creative life Do you ever get up before your day begins? A strange question, I know. I mean, our day begins the moment we wake up, right? Well, my friend, that depends. In this short article I’m going to explore some insights into breaking

Unlocking The Power and Potential Of Today

August 21, 2018

24 Hours From Now – Part 1 There was a time in my early 40’s when all I could do was hope that tomorrow would be better than today. When your life is not going as planned, when you can’t figure out where you went wrong and you feel powerless to do anything about it,

Ripples Of Yesterday

March 30, 2018

Wise words to a younger version of myself Seven years ago I was struggling: life was not going the way I planned, I was essentially broke, my business was not working out well… There are a lot of other things I could throw on the pile, but I think you get the idea. However, change was

6 Things I Still Didn’t Know at 41