Welcome to Now Living Forward

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.  I'm Craig Pennell, the founder of Nowlivingforward.com.  I'm a British Ex-pat living in Spain, but more importantly, I'm someone like you, someone who's on a Journey of Discovery, seeking a Bigger, Fuller Life that I came to realize is just waiting to be found.

When I was a young man I used to dream of changing the world.  I read positive-thinking books and listened to motivational speakers telling me to dream big dreams.

As I grew older real life got in the way of my dreams. Changing the world seemed like idealism, and I settled for the realism that comes with parenthood, paying the bills and working at a career.

Don't get me wrong, raising kids in a solid, loving family environment is fulfilling and challenging enough on it's own.  But as my 40th Birthday came and went, the kids started to become more independant, and old forgotten dreams began to resurface, both my wife and I realized we needed to take the wheel on our life and start heading  in the direction of our choice.

Much of what I write and teach about springs from a deep desire in me to help you experience change in your life - deep, profound change that is going to impact you and the lives of those around you for good.  The ups and downs, the challenges and breakthroughs I experienced once I started this journey, led me to an important place in myself - a place of giving.

It's my desire, through this Blog, my books and training, to inspire & encourage others to do what I've done, and begin to discover just how big and wild and wonderful life can be.

I sincerely hope that you'll find something in these pages to take you on the next stage of the journey, and that we'll meet somewhere on the way.



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