Look for the precious threads of wisdom and learn Life’s lessons

When we’re busy, when we’re pushing forward, when we’re actively pursuing a life worth living, it’s all too easy to jump into a new week without stopping to reflect on the one you’ve just left.

I’m only just beginning to appreciate the power of reflection, even after years of practicing it.

Right now I’m at a time in my life when I’ve never felt more positive about tomorrow. I can say with honesty that I am accomplishing more, learning more and growing more than ever. I am intentionally pointing my life in a certain direction and stepping forward towards my dreams.

It’s a great place to be. But I have to make sure I slow down from time to time in order to hear what’s going on.

Because life speaks to us if we are ready to listen.

As I’m in my late forties now, and it’s only in recent years that I’ve really started to take the wheel and become the Captain of my life-ship, I could be forgiven for wanting to steam ahead at full speed...

But I would be missing the lessons Life wants to teach me on the journey.

This is one of the reasons that I write — I need to process things. I need time to think things over, work things through, and remodel Life’s lessons into my own context and my own language.

Otherwise those valuable threads of wisdom will simply dissolve into the background noise.


We all know that coffee needs to percolate to taste good. My morning cup of tea needs time to brew. If we bake then we understand that the yeast needs to be left to do its work in the dough.

And we need to make a place in our lives for listening, and gathering together the silver threads that wisdom gives us to work with.

The trouble is that it’s so easy to miss something significant when we’re focused on the goal. And we don’t tend to look for amazing treasures hidden in the familiar, we just keep pushing forward.

But those treasures are there, and I believe much more so when we are actually building a momentum into our lives.

It’s as if the more we need wisdom, insight and inspiration, the more there is to sustain us.

If I may I’d like to challenge you to look for some silver threads in your week. Slow down, take some time out and reflect on the last 7 days. What was Life trying to show you? How did a situation speak to you? What wisdom or insight did you gain from an unexpected source?

Is there a word or phrase that seemed to stand out and beg for your attention? Don’t let it go — it could be priceless.

Take those silver threads with you into the coming week, and be ready to add to them in the coming days.

Craig Pennell is a regular contributor to ART+marketing. Find out more about his work at nowlivingforward.com