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“Our Tomorrows are ​shaped out of our ​Todays. Let's ​build something good.”

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From the desk of Craig Pennell, Author and Entrepreneur.

​Re: Building a Better Tomorrow starts today.

Ever wondered ​what tomorrow holds for you? Ever hoped that the future will be better? ​I know I used to all the time.

​But is that all we can do? Hope and wonder? What if we can actually do something today in order to make tomorrow better?​What if some simple changes to how ​you live today can have such an impact over time that they begin to completely change the course of your life?​Allow me to tell you about a ​new course for personal transformation, that eqiups you to make small but profound changes in your day to build success habits that will lead to positive growth, greater fulfillment and much more.

Your Tomorrows Are ​​Shaped ​Today. ​Learn ​To Make ​It Count!

The future is a mystery. We can't possibly know what tomorrow holds. But most of the time we expect that tomorrow will be pretty much the same as today.

Only we hope it will be at least a little better.

​But the more we can do today to build momentum towards our dreams and goals, the ​more we can be sure that tomorrow will be one step closer to where we want to go.

​The real key to a brighter tomorrow is to take hold of the most precious day of your life - TODAY - and do something to move you forward.

​I was someone who hoped and dreamed of a better future, but didn't know ​where to start.

​​It took me many years of stumbling around in the dark trying to figure out how to point my life in the right direction. ​

One of the key moments of change came ​through discovering the amazing gift called today and unlocking its power to transform my tomorrows.Every day we get up, get dressed and get on with our normal routines. Working, playing, studying, doing, making. Whatever it is.

And we are so very good at what we do. Most of our day we don't even have to think about ​things, we just get on with it. It's called​ habit. Habits make our life easy.

But habits can also hold us back. Or work for us in making our lives better.

Wouldn't it be great if we could develop success habits that carried us towards our dreams and goals.

​If I could only set myself free of those old routines and make success a habit. Then I'd be living life the way it's supposed to be. 

  • checkWe are creatures of habit, and we love routine. ​If we aren't careful, we can go through life on automatic, and wonder why all our days are the same.
  • checkUsually our habits keep us ​dancing to the same old tune.​And if you want to live a quiet, ordinary life that works just fine. I'm guessing you want more.
  • checkDeveloping success habits means breakthrough. ​If we can learn new habits that actually cause us to grow and change, anything is possible.

​​The Secret to Real Success is ​​hidden in ​our Daily Routines

​It's a rare thing to wake up, jump out of bed and look forward to what the day holds. 

Usually those days come a few times a years, such as at the start of a vacation, a birthday, or a family occasion such as a wedding.

Most days we don't even give a thought to making today count for something special. It's just another day.

​Learn to make "Just another day" a thing of the past.

​When I finally realized that I was literally wishing my life away waiting for something amazing to happen, everything changed.​We only have one shot at this life. If I was going to achieve any of my dreams I had to start doing something about them today. Not tomorrow, not next week or next year. NOW!

​That's the reason for ​​"MAKING TODAY COUNT"


​A 6-step Strategy for Developing Daily Success Habits

​Six "Daily Success" strategies to propel you forward, out of your comfort zone and into the limitless expanse of your dreams. Explored in over ​3 hours of training video, this is complete resource for personal breakthrough that will empower you for change and growth like never before.

​It all starts with a commitment: Think about it - ​What would it mean to you to wake up each day knowing deep down that your life is finally going in the direction of your dreams? Could you commit to ​seeing breakthrough?

  • 1​A complete ​online course: ​​3 hours of training videos to take you on a personal breakthrough journey.
  • 2​Downloadable ​Worksheets: ​​Keep on track with specially developed worksheets and ​supporting material.
  • 3​​​Special Bonuses: ​​An exclusive copy of the eBook "Making Today Count - Quick Read" plus the eBook "Turn This Ship Around!"

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​"Deliberate delivery - from a guy who has clearly walked the path. This is a chance to learn from someone who has clearly made changes and improved his life - and we can benefit from his transformation."

- Richard E.

​"I found the course very easy to follow and encouraging; while putting the ball in our court, it gently leads us to examine our lives and look at them, and beyond, to what our lives can be..."

- Sian P.

​Make Today Count!

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​How do you know if "Making Today Count" is right for you?

​Not everyone wants to change the direction of their life. Not everyone wants to live bigger. But some do.

If that's you, then I can promise you one thing: This course is going to help you take that next step. I can't promise overnight change. I can't promise you'll be living the life of your dreams a year from now.

But if, after trying the ​course, you don't feel it's for you, simply request a refund within 30 days of registering.

I want you to succeed in following your dreams and discovering what it means to break through boundaries and break free from the past​. That's why I give this guarantee.

​You have EVERYTHING to gain by trying...

​Remember - nothing changes if we stay the same. But if we are committed to moving forward, everything is possible.

​Don't Let Another Day Slip By

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"​In putting together this program I ​was challenged out of my comfort zone like never before. I want to encourage you - Don't let another day slip by. There is a whole new life to be discovered, and it starts today.”

P.S.: ​I used to be someone who hoped and wished for a better future, but I had no idea that change was even possible. This course ​is the result of over 6 years of hard work, learning, trial and error. It doesn't need to take that long. Begin today.

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