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A Walk Through Rain - C.R, Pennell



A Walk Through Rain gave voice to so many of my own questions and thoughts as I experienced the deconstruction of my faith. The journey the book describes will give others on a similar journey encouragement, comfort, and a renewed sense of hope that all is not lost. If your faith is changing, or you’re fighting your doubts, you need to read this book.”

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Karen, USA

Resources For The Journey Of Faith Deconstruction

An active Christian for over 25 years, who's worked in youth outreach, served on the worship team and lead house-groups, I didn't choose to deconstruct his faith.

But when the framework of my life began to crumble, it all fell apart really quickly.

Here on this page I hope to present resources that will help you on your personal journey of deconstruction, equipping you to ask questions, connect with others and take positive steps forward.

If you haven't read it yet, my book "A Walk Through Rain" is a novel about deconstruction and reconstruction. Find out more here...