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​An introduction to my work at "nowlivingforward.com", this short eBook looks at the early years of my journey of personal growth.

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Turn This Ship Around! - Personal Growth & the Quest for a Bigger Life

In the midst of all the challenges and self-doubts, there's no better time to set your sights on your dreams and go for it. Craig believes that each of us can change the course of our life, and often all it takes is a little ​​​​inspiration and encouragement to begin a new day with intentionality and purpose

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​"Making Today Count - D​iscovering & Harnessing the Most Important Day of Your Life"

Did you realize that today holds the keys a bigger, brighter future that you may have only dreamed about until now?

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​"Making Today Count - ​12 Weeks​ to Personal Breakthrough & Growth"

​A program based on the eBook, this 12 week course takes things to the next level with weekly insights and assignments. 

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​How Do You See The World?

​This video is taken from my Personal Growth course available on Udemy.com

Empowered Life: Foundations for Effective Personal Growth

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