Resource for Readers

When I started making the first notes for "A Walk Through Rain" I didn't imagine it turning into the book it is now.

I wrote it for myself, to help me process the questions and doubts that I battled with every day while trying to hold onto a faith that seemed to be slipping through my fingers.

At the time I didn't appreciate that many other people go through a similar journey of deconstruction as they leave behind the old familiar constructs that no longer have any meaning.

As I've walked this road I've come across podcasts, facebook groups and blogs that have helped me to understand myself better and the process I'm going through.

I hope this resource can help you too.

To move forward you have to leave some things behind.” - Joe


Rob Bell - Everything Is Spiritual

Rob Bell - Love Wins

Martin Scott - Humanising the Divine

Jesus and John Wayne - Kristin Kobes Du Mez

A More Christlike God - Brad Jersak

The Universal Christ - Richard Rohr

The New Man - Thomas Merton




Rob Bell - Everything Is Spiritual

The Robcast - Rob Bell

The Deconstructionists

The Liturgists