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​Welcome to the Journey of Personal Growth

Ripples Of Yesterday24 Hours From Now - Part 1 There was a time in my early 40's when all I could do[...]Read More How To Stop Saying Someday

And Start Giving Your Dreams Room To Grow Recently I wrote an[...]Read More Too Busy to SucceedWhy Success Isn’t Ever Built on Activity I’ve got a dream. Now all I need to do is get busy, work[...]Read More Where I’m FromI’m constantly challenged to stretch my thinking as I explore new ways of looking at personal growth and life-transformation. After[...]Read More 6 Things I Still Didn’t Know at 41Wise words to a younger version of myself Seven years ago I was struggling: life was not going the way I[...]Read More Expectancy & DreamsHave You Pruned Your Dreams Lately? If you’re just starting out with the Making Today Count teaching, then you may[...]Read More

About​ Craig

​A writer and videographer living in Spain, Craig believes that the life we desire can be created, that we all have that creative spark in us, and the universe is bursting with p​otential.

​As we choose to live bigger, more expansive live, we only need to believe that anything is possible.

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