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Personal Growth

Expand your mind, expand your horizons. Living life with intentionality and purpose, leaning into the possibilities.

Spiritual Journey

 We are more than what we see. Self-awareness, trusting in the flow, and walking forward in wonder at the unseen, active love holding the universe together.

Rethink Everything - Now Living Forward

Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I’m constantly challenged to stretch my thinking as I explore new ways of looking at personal growth and life-transformation. After all, I’m on the journey like everyone else. I wrestle with the same things you do, and I don’t pretend to have all the answers. But one...

6 Things I Still Didn’t Know at 41

6 Things I Still Didn’t Know at 41

Wise words to a younger version of myself Seven years ago I was struggling: life was not going the way I planned, I was essentially broke, my business was not working out well… There are a lot of other things I could throw on the pile, but I think you get the idea....

Expectancy & Dreams

Expectancy & Dreams

Have You Pruned Your Dreams Lately? If you’re just starting out with the Making Today Count teaching, then you may be wondering when we are going to start looking at dreams and goals. What’s important right now is to recognize the difference between a real dream, and...


I'm Craig, a writer and photographer based in Spain. Now Living Forward is where I pull together all my experiences and reflections on discovering life purpose through personal growth, spirituality and creative exploration.

Increasingly in the past two years I have explored creativity as a lifestyle and written about the role faith and spirituality can play in our journey.