And If I Do Give My Best, What’s Left For Tomorrow?

These kinds of questions haunted me in the early days, the days when I was stepping out into new and unknown places in my life. When I was setting my sights on building something for my future, and sailing my ‘life-ship’ into uncharted waters.

I remember clearly coming up against this invisible checkpoint when I started working for myself online, and I’m pretty sure anyone who’s stepping out into new areas of creativity will find the same.

You arrive at a place where you have to ask yourself this question:

Am I prepared to give it my all, or do I hold something back just in case.

When I first started creating online courses I spent months putting material together, recording lessons and learning the technicalities of course creation. I even setting up a website to complement my course.

I’d come up with what I thought was a great subject for a course, and it was all coming together nicely, except when I started to doubt.

How much do I give? How far do I go? If I put my best stuff into this course, what will I do next?

The same kind of doubts started to raise their ugly heads when I was writing my first book on Personal Growth…I began to worry that I would run out of words.

I finished that book, it’s on Kindle (link below) and I recently self-published my second book. I’m working on a third…

Turn This Ship Around! — Personal Growth & The Quest for a Bigger Life

Can you see why I call it the Creativity Trap? It made me think of the elephant tied to a post with a thin rope — what’s really keeping it from running away

The best explanation I’ve ever hear for this kind of mentality was given by Rob Bell on a podcast. If you haven’t heard of Rob Bell, he speaks into some critical issues for our day.

Rob brought up the concept of a Universe of Scarcity. It’s the idea that drives Black Friday, sells almost anything, and keeps us hungry for more things we don’t need. It also keeps us believing that the barrel will run dry one day.

But is our creativity limited?

What if I do give my best today? What will I have left? What if I write some amazing pages of a book today? What will I be able to put into it tomorrow?

What if I hold nothing back and live life as fully as I can today? Will tomorrow revert to the ordinary and mundane?

Am I living a limited life today because I fear that one morning I’ll wake up and reach for a little creativity, or passion, or inner-drive, and instead my heart is empty?

I’m putting some of my best into cold storage for a time that may never come.

In fact, I’d even bet on that day never coming.

From experience, as well as looking around at the creatives that I know and admire, I can tell you that there’s always more inside to be discovered.

What seems true, though, is that we can only discover the hidden treasure by giving from what treasure we already have.

If we choose to give out of our best today, we are setting ourselves up to win time and time again. It seems like we as humans are meant to be creative. It’s in our DNA.

If we hold back, if we never stray far from the edge of ordinary, how can we discover new horizons?

I’d love to hear your thoughts…

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