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​​So Let ​Me ​Show You ​6 ​​​Daily Success Habits ​for ​​​​​Unlocking the Life of Your Dreams

​​Don't Let Another Day Slip Through Your Fingers!

From: Craig R. Pennell

Re: Imagine what it would be like to start your day knowing you are taking steps towards your dreams and ambitions.

Dear Friend,

I’d like to share with you the simple habits that changed my life from one of just getting by, to pro-actively pursuing my dreams and goals...

...strategies that empowered me through my 40’s and set me on a whole new course.

If that sounds interesting then keep reading, because most people don’t even believe it’s possible to change. They’ve given up on their dreams and are just checking off the days...

I’d had enough of hoping and waiting for things to get better...

​​Life is busy, life is complicated, life is full of distractions. And if we’re honest with ourselves most days are pretty much the same...

We get on with our lives and don’t give a thought to doing things differently. We keep our heads down, ploughing forward along a rut without giving a thought to what may lay beyond.

We sometimes wish things were different. We sometimes wonder where our dreams disappeared to. We sometimes hope for a better tomorrow.

Based on experience, our today is going to be about the same as yesterday.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel this way. I spend a good number of years up until the time I was 42, trying to make the best of a life that had gone in the wrong direction.

Every now and again I’d have a good day, a day where I felt like I actually did something that I could ​take some pride and fulfillment in.

But most mornings I didn’t even give a thought to the day ahead. It was just another demanding day that needed to be pushed through.

Does that sound familiar?

Is there something inside you that tells you there has to be a better way?

Are you daring to think that maybe, just maybe, you could start dreaming again?

Because in all my efforts to turn my life around and take my dreams seriously, one thought kept coming back to me. One that was to forever change the way I approached the new day...

If only we could make today count in a way that would affect our future...

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Carpe Diem”, which means to seize the day. It’s a great little inspirational saying, and it’s not just for ambitious go-getters. But for many people ‘seize the day’ is simply an excuse to have a good time. Enjoy life now, don’t think about tomorrow.

I wanted more than that.

I knew I’d been drifting through for far too long. I knew there was more to life, more to me, and I was determined to discover if I could reach my dreams.

I would rather try and fail than not try at all..

So, there came a moment, around the time when I was 42, that I made a decision.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life regretting the lack of action.

...I would learn, I would develop myself, and I would go for my dreams.

Because I’d had enough of wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Instead I wanted to ​build my tomorrow, starting today.

The problem was, I wasn’t getting any younger. I didn’t have time to waste. I wanted change and I wanted to start seeing results quickly.

This is what I discovered:

There are so many books and courses out there that will convince you that reaching your dreams is simply a matter of thinking bigger or attracting the right kind of energy. It’s true that positive thinking can make a difference to how you feel about yourself, but if I ignored the reality then I would never move forward.

I could waste years wondering if I was saying the right mantras or thinking big enough…

But I needed something more concrete and more immediate.

What was it, I wondered, that set the movers and shakers apart from the crowd? Because I knew they weren’t super-human.

These people ​always appreciate the value of a day

Making their day count ​had become a trait, a success habit, not something they had to work at.

It was so simple. Finally I started to see what I’d been missing all these years - understanding that today is where it happens. Today is the day to go after your dreams. Not someday in the future. Today is when you decide to take yourself seriously. Today is when you build something that affects your tomorrows.

All I needed to do was develop the habits that would enable me to seize the day again and again, and make it count towards my tomorrows, towards my dreams.

And this is how I did it...

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Your Guidebook to a whole new way of approaching Today!

I’ve spent years going through an amazing “life overhaul” and journeying on the road of Personal Development to the point where I’ve written books and teach courses on the subject.

I​n that time it became clear that I wasn’t the only person struggling to make sense of life, or trying to change direction.

But the truth was, I had to figure out a lot of this stuff​ as I went. And it still took me years to perform a life-overhaul and ​finally turn my life around. It's been an amazing journey, but it shouldn’t have taken me that long. 

That’s why I created, and why I put together this practical, no-nonsense guide... that anyone can benefit from.

I want to save you ​time wondering, waiting and hoping for things to get better. This eBook will put you in the driving seat and equip you to take the wheel.

Even if you're feeling that you’ve missed out on life. That you best years may be behind you. It’s not too late to change.

Here's a Taste of What You'll Find Inside:

  • check
    ​Why our days always seem the same - and how to change that.
  • check
    How to build focus and purpose that will get you out of bed
  • check
    ​​Why we limit ourselves with expectations - and how to get unstuck
  • check
    How to challenge yourself out of your comfort zone - and start moving towards your dreams
  • check
    The number one trait successful people encourage you to develop
  • check
    How to tackle distractions and ​live with more direction
  • check
    ​How to make room now for your dreams and goals
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    ​And much more...

It’s a Practical Approach to Forming Empowering Habits

Habits that will equip you to seize hold of today and experience a new kind of fulfillment and direction.

  • Even if you feel life is out of your control
  • Even if you’ve given up on your dreams
  • Even if you don’t know the way forward

A​n easy-to-follow guide that will both encourage and motivate you to make simple yet profound changes.

We'll look at six empowering step which, when practiced daily for just 15 minutes, can build into dynamic habits ​that will transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one.

Down-to-earth ​Strategies for Real-world Results.

The habits and strategies I cover in the eBook are not magical. They aren’t based on generating will-power or attracting energy. 

If you prefer a more mystical approach to dreams and goals, this is not for you. I’ve been there and I had to work hard to pull myself out of a place of waiting and hoping.

There is nothing magical about living a fuller, happier life that you can’t wait to make the most of when you jump out of bed each day.

There’s nothing mystical about making your dreams a reality. It’s just a matter of making the most important day of your life - today - count towards your future.

So Who Is This eBook Bundle For?

This is ideal for you:

  • If you’ve had enough of waiting around for someday
  • If you feel your days slipping away and want to live more effectively
  • If you have dreams and goals but don’t know where to start
  • If you’re ready to start taking yourself and your dreams seriously
  • If you want to equip yourself with success habits that will serve you well into the future

The truth is that this is more than just a book about seizing the day. This is something that can transform the way you approach life.

So What’s the Next Step?

The "Making Today Count" eBook and Audio pack is a complete training program to equip you to get the most from your day, every day.

I've spent months putting this together into an accessible product that packed full of value. My plan is to eventually sell this for $​37, because often the more you pay, the more you’ll be committed to getting something from it.

And I want you to get results, because I know a bigger, fuller life is possible...

Make Sure You Don’t Let Another Precious Day Slip By…

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It’s about as low as I could go without giving it away. If I did, you might be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t worth anything.

As it is, $​​9 is a small investment for the tools and inspiration you’ll receive that could turn just another day into the start of something completely new and amazing.

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Discover how to self-empower yourself to Seize Every Day…

​Your ​Tomorrows are all waiting for you to Make the Most of Today...

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​My Guarantee...

​I'm so confident that you're going to benefit from this book that I'm giving you a 30-day guarantee. If you feel it isn't worth the investment, simply request a refund within 30 days.

To Your Success,

Craig R. Pennell

Founder of

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly is taught in "Making Today Count"?

A: The eBook explores six strategies for helping you make the most of each precious day.

Q: ​Is there a refund guarantee?

A: ​Yes. ​There is a a "no questions asked" refund policy.

Q: Wh​en will I receive my eBook?

A: ​The eBook is delivered through a digital download, so you could be getting the benefits withing the next few minutes.

Q: W​hen will I see results?

A: ​If you are prepared to put into practice what you learn through "Making Today Count" and make it part of your daily life, I'm confident you will quickly see results.

Making Today Count eBook & Audio Bundle
Making Today Count eBook & Audio Bundle

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