The Expansive Life


Our lives are built on foundations. Much of our foundations consist of good, solid beliefs, understandings and concepts. But there's also going to be a lot of false belief, borrowed assumptions and plain lies that we've picked up along the way and thrown into the mix. It's this kind of rotten material that has enabled us to form limited mind-sets, false expectations and keeps us living shaky, small and unfulfilled lives.


As we take apart our foundations we are more aware of the good and not so good that we've taken upon ourselves over the years. Letting go of old beliefs about ourselves and the world can be challenging, but it's also incredibly freeing. We will also uncover precious gold in the mix, stuff we know to be good for us, that colors our lives in the best possible ways. We will hold onto these and other treasures as we rebuild.


The process of rebuilding your life is not accomplished over night. There's no right way or even an easy way to build a new life, but the good news is that it's an incredibly awesome journey of discovery, and you don't have to travel it alone. Along the way we meet new companions, unlock hidden truths and find out more about this person we thought we knew so well - ourself in our purest form. Welcome to the journey.

Create Your Way To A Bigger Life

Dismantle, evaluate, rebuild. It's not an exact science, and it's not a formula. These three actions are not three steps to success, and do not pretend to give a complete picture of what it means to re-create and re-shape your life from this day forward. Life, thankfully, is so much bigger, and we are so much more than our beliefs and assumpions.

Instead, we have a set of tools. At any time we can build new beliefs into our life. At any time we can weed out unhelpful ideas. At any time we can take a good look at our progress and decide what's working and what's holding us back. Having said that, it's my experience that the better job we do of dismantling, however hard that may be, the better we can see where we've burried our dreams, laid aside our heart's desires, and settled for ordinary instead of amazing.

I will say this, though. God, the creator behind everything, is right there with you in the process. And he/she/it is always wanting the best for you and I. I can't stress enough that this is a journey. A wonderful, scary, joyful, expansive journey of self-discovery and finding a new place for yourself in this incredible world we all inhabit.

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