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The Art of Expansive Living

What's the story?

My name is Craig Pennell. Around 10 years ago, at the age of 41, I set out to change the direction my life was taking, to seek my dreams and discover a more authentic me.

What you find in these pages are the results. But I'm a work in progress!

This website is proof that life can be bigger, that dreams can come true, and that your past does not have to shape your future.

It's an exciting journey that I'm on, so as well as sharing my creative work with you, I also want to share what helped me break free of the ordinary and start living an expansive life.

Create Your Way.

It's a mantra for the expansive life, a call to create and build and grow in every way, embracing the now and looking to a future full of possibility and potential.

Rather than telling you how great life can be if you follow your dreams, why don't I show you? Here you'll find my creative works, my writing, my music, my video and photography and more.

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