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Craig's writing is born out of a growing need to articulate the existential questions and challenges facing not just himself, but many others who find themselves in a place of broken dreams, unfulfilled ambitions, and shaky foundations.

A firm believer in personal growth and spiritual journey, Craig writes from a place of faith, experience and belief in the greater good that's found in each and every one of us.

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A Novel About Faith

Dan didn’t need anyone to tell him it was Sundayeveryone knew their place, knew the routine that morning. Everyone, it seemed, except Dan.

Following the death of his mother, Dan Kendrick is struggling to make sense of an exposed belief system that no-longer holds together. In a desperate search for answers he finds himself far from home, in a remote valley of the Spanish Pyrenees mountains.

Can someone he'd never met before help him navigate through his doubts and find a new way to believe?

A Walk Through Rain is the challenging journey of a husband, father and committed believer whose well-ordered world has been turned inside-out.

To move forward you have to leave some things behind.” - Joe

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This book takes you on a mesmerizing journey where faith, honesty and self-discovery meet. A story that will resonate deeply with thousands of other sojourning people.”

- Gayle, Spain


How To Experience The Spiritual In The Everyday

How To Experience The Spiritual In The Everyday

No time like the present to wake up to life and see the divine connection in everything I stood with mug of tea in hand, my warm breath condensing in the near-freezing air, looking up to the summit of the mountain as the first rays of light began to paint it golden....

Beyond Belief — A Journey Of Faith Deconstruction and Emergence

Beyond Belief — A Journey Of Faith Deconstruction and Emergence

How Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening Led To A Major Shift In My World It’s difficult to say exactly when I began to realize that my life needed a rethink. These things often come in stages, and up to the time I was 40, I was fairly content with the direction...

Unlocking The Power and Potential Of Today

Unlocking The Power and Potential Of Today

Personal growth insights — building a new daily routine for a better, more creative life Do you ever get up before your day begins? A strange question, I know. I mean, our day begins the moment we wake up, right? Well, my friend, that depends. In this short article...

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