C. R. Pennell

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Craig's writing is born out of a growing need to articulate the existential questions and challenges facing not just himself, but many others who find themselves in a place of broken dreams, unfulfilled ambitions, and shaky foundations.

A firm believer in personal growth and spiritual journey, Craig writes from a place of faith, experience and belief in the greater good that's found in each and every one of us.

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A Novel About Faith

Dan didn’t need anyone to tell him it was Sundayeveryone knew their place, knew the routine that morning. Everyone, it seemed, except Dan.

Following the death of his mother, Dan Kendrick is struggling to make sense of an exposed belief system that no-longer holds together. In a desperate search for answers he finds himself far from home, in a remote valley of the Spanish Pyrenees mountains.

Can someone he'd never met before help him navigate through his doubts and find a new way to believe?

A Walk Through Rain is the challenging journey of a husband, father and committed believer whose well-ordered world has been turned inside-out.

To move forward you have to leave some things behind.” - Joe

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