motivation for personal growth

How to keep motivation flowing and remind yourself that you're moving forward.

It's so easy to lose sight of your goals when you have your head down trying hard to make things happen.

Now, I know that hard work is no guarantee of success.  No guarantee at all. And yet, I can still put long hours into a project just to get a little extra return, and it's often at the expense of my family.

It's been a little that way lately, as I've launched a new course and an eBook around the same time, and these things need to be promoted and refined, as well as all the back-office work that goes into the websites and marketing.

The important things are to regularly remind yourself that you are progressing, that you've moved forward over the last month, 6 months, year.  That you aren't who you used to be, you've been stretching a growing, becoming better.

Your life is bigger.

I recently celebrated my 48th Birthday, and in doing so was able to look back over the past 12 months and remind myself of exactly what I've accomplished in that time.  A year can be a life-changer if we let it be, or it can be just another candle on the cake.

I took time out that day just for me, to do some things I wanted to do as a way of making my day special, memorable. A Birthday is a good reason to celebrate and do something different, but we must not wait to party.  Any small win is a reason to bring out the champagne, or whatever 'bubbly' you like - anything that helps you feel special.

What's Your Champagne?

I'm not big on drinking lots of fizzy wine to get a buzz, I'd rather celebrate my small wins with something more significant for me.  Usually that's some time out with my camera exploring Spain - I love the freedom and sense of adventure.  For you it's going to be something different, but it needs to be personal.

So what's a small win?

A small win is anything that acts as a marker, a milestone, leading towards your goals and dreams.  It could be something as simple as defining, for the first time, what you really want to achieve over the next 2 years.  Or it could be more tangible, like writing the first chapter of a book, or taking your first Jujitsu lesson.

Whatever it is, make sure you reward yourself appropriately, in a meaningful way.  Don't go over the top - I love chocolate and will often reward myself with a favorite choccy bar.  For a bigger achievement, dinner out with the family, or a movie.  Nothing extravagant, but simply something to mark the occasion.

Motivation is the key.

As I said at the start, it's easy to lose sight of what you're aiming at, and if you aren't keeping your dreams before you all the time your motivation will be lacking.

It's worth noting that motivation can be a measure of the importance of your dream.  I often hear people ask how they can stay motivated to reach their goals.  It often means their goals are not heart-felt enough to be motivating.

When I released my first eBook at the end of March, I thought I'd done the hard work. I'd hit a milestone in my life, and surely it would now be plain sailing.  Wrong. Now the real work begins.  It's called Marketing!

OK, I'm not so motivated to market my book, but I remind myself of the overall dream that my book is a part of. That way, combined with celebrating the small wins, means I keep working towards my goal of selling my first 1000 books.

This weekend my book hit No.2 in the Personal Breakthrough section of Kindle, and No.4 in Small Business & Entrepreneurship.  Cool!  Something worth celebrating, even if I only say to myself "Well Done, You, you're making progress."