Discovering Life Now

Personal Journey

We live in an incredible universe of possibility, creativity and love, and yet it's so easy to live closed and boxed in lives. Time to break out and discover the road ahead.

Time to journey.

Personal Growth

Working on ourselves should be a natural and everyday part of our lives, but it's so easy to live a life of routine and get stuck with old habits and mind-sets.

Time to re-imagine what life can be like.

Personal Best

Now Living Forward is about challenging the way we approach our lives and our tomorrows. It's about an expansive living and believing in a better way forward.

And it starts with you.

Life Can Be Bigger - Life Can Be Fuller

MAKING TODAY COUNT is a practical program for personal breakthrough and positive change, based on 6 simple but powerful habits.

Habits can and do run our lives, and it's only when we get intentional about our TODAYS that we can begin to shape and change our TOMORROWS.

This ebook and video course & checklist can give you the tools you need to make that next step in your personal development journey by helping you take hold of the most important day of your life - TODAY!


The Art of Finding Wisdom in Reflection

The Art of Finding Wisdom in Reflection

Look for the precious threads of wisdom and learn Life’s lessons When we’re busy, when we’re pushing forward, when we’re actively pursuing a life worth living, it’s all too easy to jump into a new week without stopping to reflect on the one you’ve just left. I’m only...

Rediscovering A Creative Flow

Rediscovering A Creative Flow

After too many dry years, rediscovering Creativity lead me to ask some Deep Questions. A long time ago I loved art. I would draw cartoons and paint pictures all day if I could. But no-one ever made any money with their art, right? So it seemed like a wise decision at...

Craig set up NowLivingForward in 2018, in response to a growing need to pull together thoughts, ideas and experiences of his personal growth journey and create a resource to help others. At the same time he wrote his second book, Making Today Count, which he developed into a full online course.

Increasingly in the past two years, Craig has focused more on the spiritual journey that has allowed him to rethink and rediscover faith and its place in personal development.