Instead of Resolutions, Make some Room

The New Year is well under way, full of promise and expectations. All of us will have started 2018 with good intentions, but so often we’ve seen those resolutions come to nothing. How can we approach this year differently? Is there a better way?

I want to share with you how making space in our lives for our hopes and dreams is like inviting them to come and stay.

It can be a powerful, positive step towards living a bigger, fuller life.

Think about it: You work a demanding job; you’re studying to better yourself; you’re raising kids; you’re running a home; you’re starting a business. And on top of that there’s everything else that normal life entails!

Busy, busy, busy.

So here’s the big question…

Where do your dreams fit in?

I know what my answer would have been just a few years ago…

“I’ll make room for my dreams when I get there.”

Ah, right. When everything is sorted. When life is together. When you’ve succeeded. When you’ve arrived at ‘someday’…

Someday may very well be never.

Sadly, it’s how most of us live. Getting on with our normal lives wishing for things to change, as if by magic. And we wonder why our dreams remain tantalizingly, achingly and permanently out of reach.

It’s not just sad, it’s a crazy way to live.

A kick in the pants

Can I give you a wake-up call?

How long are you prepared to wait for something you desire deep down, without actually doing anything about it?

How many days can drift by until they start accumulating into years?

If you do need a kick in the pants, just think about yesterday. What did you do yesterday that in some way involved working on your dreams? In fact when was the last time you even thought about what you really want your life to be about?

What’s it going to take to spur you into action?

Making Space

Thankfully it’s not hard to begin preparing our lives now for the Future Me to come along and bring our dreams with them.

Amazingly, all it takes is a decision to live a more organized life that allows you room to grow, little by little. By minimalizing the clutter and distractions in our day-to-day, and making simple plans to take small but positive steps, we will be consciously embracing our dreams.

It’s an invitation to the Future Me…

I call it Being Ready, and I talk about this more in my eBook “Making Today Count” but simply put we need to make sure we are incorporating our dreams of the future into our days now.

If we are ready, then we are expecting something to happen. If we are ready, then there is space for something to happen.

So right at the start of this new year, as 2017 quickly becomes a memory, I want to encourage you NOT to make resolutions just because it seems like a good idea. Instead, let’s make some room.

If, like me, you’re someone who needs to know why, then consider these four steps…

  • An organized life allows room to grow and develop
  • Simple planning brings a purposefulness to your week
  • Purpose will bring new clarity and direction
  • Clarity and focus will get you up and moving each morning

Make sure you give your dreams some credibility by putting aside specific time each week (and preferably each day) to consider your tomorrows, develop your goals, and define your future.

As you make room, you’ll find your dreams feel more welcome.

This article first appeared in ART + Marketing

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