A Novel About Faith, Self-doubt and Personal Transformation

Dan didn’t need anyone to tell him it was Sundayeveryone knew their place, knew the routine that morning. Everyone, it seemed, except Dan.

Following the death of his mother, Dan Kendrick is struggling to make sense of an exposed belief system that no-longer holds together. In a desperate search for answers he finds himself far from home, in a remote valley of the Spanish Pyrenees mountains.

Can someone he'd never met before help him navigate through his doubts and find a new way to believe?

A Walk Through Rain is a story of the very real challenges of navigating a crisis of belief, and what lies on the other side of faith deconstruction.

To move forward you have to leave some things behind.” - Joe

This book takes you on a mesmerizing journey where faith, honesty and self-discovery meet. A story that will resonate deeply with thousands of other sojourning people.” - Gayle, Spain

A Walk Through Rain...invites the reader to approach their own questions about faith with less anxiety. Perhaps even better, it serves to remind that no one travels the road of spirituality alone, no matter how lonely the journey might feel.” - Sean, USA

Having gone through a faith deconstruction of my own, this story has tremendous resonance. I found myself nodding and recalling so many of the questions and struggles that the two main characters discussed. Craig does a fantastic job of portraying the very real struggle of faith crisis and offering a glimmer of hope.” - Dave, USA

A Walk Through Rain is a modern day pilgrim’s journey through the wilderness of faith deconstruction. It’s a story that takes an honest look at what many exvangelicals, post-evangelicals and progressive Christian believers experience when trying to find their way beyond the walls of institutionalized Western Christianity.

About the author:

C. R. Pennell is one of a growing number of authors who have come through evangelical Christianity and find themselves searching for a better way forward on their spiritual path. Spurred on by his own experiences of toxic Christian fundamentalism and fueled by his desire to reconnect with a world that many churches have turned their backs on, his work now focuses on encouraging others to build bridges instead of walls, and live a life of grace and love.
Inspired by the insightful and timely work of people like Richard Rohr, Brian McLaren and Rob Bell, C. R. Pennell wrote this book as a method of working through his own faith deconstruction, presenting it as a story in the hope that it might cross the religious lines we’ve drawn and speak directly to the heart.